Fresh Turkey & Geese right to your table!

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“We have had a Goose (and often a small turkey as well) from Glebelands Farm for a number of years. The family are a real pleasure to deal with and greet us like long lost friends on collection day. On one occasion we had our order delivered which was brilliant. We still prefer to collect in person though.

The farm is easy to find, just a short drive (about 10 mins) from Exeter city centre and easily located within the village of Upton Pyne. The birds are beautifully presented. It is obvious that a great deal of time and effort goes into each order.

For those not so handy in the kitchen cooking instructions are provided. And there are plenty of hints and tips on the website. Once cooked the meat is succulent, flavoursome and delicious. It really is the highlight of our Christmas and is always a talking point amongst our guests.

Long may the Leach family continue to produce such fabulous turkeys and geese! Jane, Exeter”